10 January 2012

Opou Vegetable Garden

A small space in Opou Vineyard has been tranformed into a nourishing organic vegetable garden. Garlic, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Zucchinis and Phacelia flowers to keep the bees happy.

James Mac, Ross & James Millton harvesting Garlic in the distance. One of the looooong rows of Potatoes. This vintage potatoes are going to play a large part on the menu.
Agria Potatoes planted 13/10/2011 in the star sign of Aries

 Bees enjoying the Phacelia
Harvesting the first of the potatoes for the festive season.

Millton Vineyard Ute filled of freshly harvested produce. Garlic, Cucumbers & Potatoes. Tomatoes are not too far way!