15 December 2009


With successful flowering a distant memory and berry growth accelerating, the Mendoza clone Chardonnay already exhibits the shot berries for which it is known. From our Riverpoint vineyard in Matawhero, it's likely harvest here should commence some time in the fourth week of March. These old chardonnay vines (originally established in 1978) will form the backbone of our Crazy by Nature Shotberry Chardonnay.

Elsewhere on the estate we're labelling a special order of Opou vineyard Chardonnay for our friends in Ontario and gift wrapping Christmas orders from our latest Tastevin newsletter.

In the cellar, our special 2009 Clos de Ste. Anne cuvees of Viognier & (for the 1st time) Chenin Blanc have been eased out of barrel in preparation for bottling next week as the moon begins it's descent. This involves rigorous (but pleasurable) fining trial tastings...

01 December 2009


A challengingly enjoyable time of the year as juvenile vines of impetuous nature as Gewurztraminer, Marsanne & Muscat a Petit Grains threaten to run amok in the vineyard. In the cellar the natural malolactic fermentations of the Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Viogniers subside. The aim is always for harmony in all our wines but sometimes you just need a little help from a few friends...

Lama Shedrup and Rinpoche Toulong enjoying the maceration of 2007 Malbec

Lama Shedrup returns to ensure the same wine is dispatched....with happiness & harmony

Lamas Shedrup's infectious smile is illuminating!

...a further example of pure harmony - from Grizzly Bear's album, Veckatimest - sure to be near the top of best albums of 2009...on high rotation in the cellar